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“At this here blog, I talk about the best engagement strategies designed to help you and your business build a thriving online community fast!” 

What specifically do I cover?

  • I talk about how to grow an empire of fans and followers through the power of video and events.
  • I talk about tools and resources that can be used to simplify your life.
  • I talk about strategies for driving traffic to your business through both Social and Search techniques.
  • Ultimately how to build your own online business and presence by tapping into your existing gifts and expertise.
John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire

250,000 a month from Webinars – My Interview with EasyWebinar Customer John Lee Dumas

Few people tap into the perfect equation.  But John did. John is the creator of the most successful Business Podcast in iTunes called Entrepreneur on Fire. Voted best of 2013. In this interview john reveals the secrets to his success boiled down to 3 simple things. Create Free Content Valuable Content Consistent Content Those 3 […]

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Double opt-in vs. Single opt-in

[EasyWebinar List-Building Funnel Strategy!] Want to Guarantee The Double Opt-In?

The power of online events is that you can build your list while at the same time, take someone through a nurture process that leads to an eventual sale. With EasyWebinar (my webinar platform), you have the capability of registering people to a webinar event while at the same time, add them to your Autoresponder. […]

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Are you ready to click broadcast?

Are Your Ready To Go Live? The Pitfalls of Being Under-Prepared

Question for you: Are you ready to go Live? Are You Ready to Click That Broadcast Button? Have you ever clicked the ‘Broadcast’ button on your events without having anything ready to go? Or without having practiced?  (Man this is reminding me of when I was a kid and my mom nagging me to practice my lines […]

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A Entrepreneur's Story

Long Hours, Full Time Job, Family To Support + Budding Entrepreneur…You’re My Hero

You are my hero. The reason I say that is because, anyone who can support a family, have a full time job, and still work towards their dreams no matter what the odds, shows such resilience, determination and courage, that they deserve a medal of honor, or become the next President of some awesome Country! […]

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4 Steps to Productivity!

4 Business Blocks For Daily Productivity When Running An Online Business + [Why I Haven’t Made A Video In Awhile]

  It’s been some time since I’ve created a new video.  In this post/video, I share a couple reasons as to why. When running an online business, often times WE are OUR business. Because of this, sometimes expectations or deadlines aren’t met, disappointments are had and there is sometimes negativity found in the business.  Well, […]

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Stop Attracting the Wrong Customers

7 Ways To Stop Attracting the Wrong Customer?

I was recently asked:  “Casey I have attracted the wrong customers.  How do I start to attract the right ones?” Well, it seems hard, but if we want a specific type of customer, we have to make sure our message, offer and overall business attracts that type of customer we are really searching for.  For […]

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FB Ads Cracked!

Facebook Traffic for promoting your events, videos, products and more.

One big question I seem to get consistently is:   “Casey is there a way to use Facebook for bringing in more traffic to my events?” That is why I’m writing this email to you today. The answer is unequivocally yes.   Recently the Facebook Ad’s platform went through some changes that made a whole lot […]

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EasyWebinar Feature Update

[EasyWebinar Update] Infusionsoft Tagging API for Event Actions and More

We have just rolled in some game changing features to EasyWebinar 3.0 which are proving to be awesome. The 1st feature listed in this update is the INFUSIONSOFT api integration. Allowing you to assign tags to specific actions done during the webinar/event experience. For both live and automated events. Whether a person registers, attends, doesn’t […]

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Doing Private Live Events With EasyWebinar

Finally the Solution for Doing Private Events with Google Hangouts Using EasyWebinar

What’s one of the biggest problems with Google Hangouts? (I say one of the biggest because there are a few.) One problem (which is what we’re going to talk about now) is that you can’t make a Google Event Private…Until Now! When would you do Private events? What about proprietary content designed for a paid […]

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Join me at Creative Live

I’m coming to Creative Live to Talk About the Power of Online Events!

What are you doing from the 3-5th of April?  I am going to be at Creative Live’s San Francisco Studio for 3 days teaching all about the power of online events/webinars and video for building a profitable business and online community. Would you like to join me? Whether you are an artist, expert, author, consultant, […]

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