Why Should you be a Guest Blogger?

by Casey Zeman

Yeah So why be a Guest Blogger??

Well, here is why…

Back Links, especially ONE WAY back links is a great reason for deciding to become a Guest Blogger.

If you are not sure what those are, well, simply put, they are when one person puts something on their site that links back to yours.

Now many people do 2 way links where you are linking to their site and they link to yours.  This is also effective, yet not as effective as the one way link.

I was a guest blogger for John Chow.  I created a post about making money with Skype.  You can see the post

at John Chows site.

Other terrific reasons for attempting to become a Guest Blogger.

  • To create relationships with like minded Bloggers within your niche.
  • This can be handy if say you were to have a product launch at some point down the road.
  • Those Bloggers you provided with good content as a Guest Blogger, are likely to promote your product because you have proven your worth.
  • Being a Guest Blogger creates Social Proof as an expert within your niche.
  • Funnel readers from others blogs over to your blog.
  • By trying out being a Guest Blogger for someone opens the door for others to write guest blogs for you.
  • As a Guest Blogger for someone who has been in the business longer, who has a strong following,  it can elevate your status within your niche at a much faster rate.

Soooo…In this video I discuss the value of doing guest blogs.  That along with just general household rambling…

I would also like to add that if anyone is interested in being a guest blogger for this site, give me a shout out and let me know.

Email me at casey@caseyzemanonline.com



Of course if you would share this post with your friends via the social bookmarking icons either below or directly under the video that would be great.

(another awesome way of getting links other than as a Guest Blogger!)

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