How to Remove the Related Videos from a YouTube Video…Simplified.

by Casey Zeman

I had a question come through the YouTube Revealed Forum today asking:


“I am going to try to describe my problem. When I upload a video to YT and then go over and put it on a site, how do I make sure there is nothing at the end? Sometimes, there are pictures and other videos that pop up and a lot of the time they are totally inappropriate. I would like my video to be that and nothing else. Help!!  Thanks. Patti”


Well Patti, this is a great question due to the fact for a long time there was an area under the YouTube video to where you could opt to remove the related videos.  However now, that option has been removed…But, YouTube has placed (should be anyway) a default setting to where when your video is embedded into a website, it will not show the related videos at the end of your video.

Why are related video bad?   Well they aren’t for the most part, however, if you are trying to keep people on your website, and not click away, having related videos after yours is certainly going to make that task a tough one!

In the video below I explain how you can use “rel=0″ and place it at the end of the either IFRAME url or HTML url depending on which code you decide on.  (usually simply using the Iframe url will suffice.)

Go ahead and watch the video below!

Now that you watched the video, can you see where and how related videos can be distracting to your viewer?   If so let us know below.
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