My Race to The Keynote Panel

-My Race to The Keynote Panel- Contest


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One Marketer’s dream… Several Potentially Daily Contestants Will Win Prizes (total value $5,000)

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So what is this contest you ask? (Rules Are Below)

Well, the Online Marketing Summit’s Annual Event starts in San Diego February 6th-9th of 2012. I (Casey Zeman) will be speaking at it about Video Marketing. Here’s the scoop!

I just got word that I have the opportunity to get on the keynote panel with some of the top marketers in the industry. Some of those being my idols such as Mari Smith and others.

However to do that, I need your help.

In order to have a shot at getting a seat on the panel I need to tweet, share and post about the event as much as possible and this contest.

You might be wondering-“Casey, why are you putting on a contest about being able to get a seat on a keynote panel?
Well, I want to be able to have a chance to make a difference. To teach what I know.
You might be just like me. Just wanting a chance to reach your goals. Granted this is just a milestone, but I have come to realize that I am looking for small victories. Because those small victories can add up after some time.
Being able to join some of the top marketers in the industry on the keynote panel would be one of those milestones that I have decide to set for myself. This contest will hopefully quicken that process for me.
I want to thank you in advanced for any and all the tweeting, sharing and spreading the word you will be doing about this contest.
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A Little About Me

Here is my brief story. In the 14 months I have been able to turn my monthly income online from 200 dollars to a comfortable 5 figure income through Online Strategic Consulting, Video Marketing and creating Easy Webinar Plugin, WordPress’ First Webinar Automation Tool.


Here are the Prizes



An 32 GB Ipad 2

(Valued at $599)









Kindle Fire

(Valued at $199)











Easy Webinar Plugin

(Valued at $343)


YouTube Revealed

(Valued at $197)







Here Are The Rules

Tweet, Share and Comment from the selection of shares below daily.

Also I will be sending out EVERY DAY TO YOUR EMAIL a new tweet or comment that can win you points by retweeting and sharing.

The contest will end February 6th, 2012. At that time your tweets, comments, shares will be tallied up.

The drawing is a random drawing HOWEVER every point you get is like putting another raffle ticket in the random drawing.

So the more raffle tickets you have, the better your chances of winning!!!

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These are some of the comments, tweets and shares that I will be emailing out for you to retweet: (Tweeting, Sharing and Commenting on the OMS automatically wins you 100 points a piece)

@omsummit is always announcing new #OMS12 speakers and workshops! One of them being Casey Zeman-


#OMS12 is coming up! Join Casey Zeman in San Diego and save 20% with the promo code SPEAKERGUEST


Join Casey Zeman at #OMS12 on Feb 6-10 in sunny San Diego. 4 great days of #onlinemarketing learning


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Planning to attend #OMS12? Let your #LinkedIn colleagues know you’re going to watch Casey Zeman. RSVP now!


RSVP to #OMS12 on Facebook & enter to win a complimentary 3-night stay at the Hilton Bayfront in San Diego . Tell em Casey Zeman sent ya!


Casey Zeman will be presenting at #OMS12. Will you be there? Use the SPEAKERGUEST promo code to save 20% RT!


Follow the list of #OMS12 speakers, one of them being Casey Zeman, go to


#OMS12 kicks off on February 6th. Casey Zeman suggests you watch testimonial videos from the last year’s attendees Who’s going?


1) Facebook Update:


Don’t forget! Next February 6-10 more than 2,000 of the world’s top marketers will be in sunny San Diego. Act now with the code SPEAKERGUEST to save 20% – Tell them Casey Zeman sent you and for a limited time, get an additional $75 off by inviting a friend to OMS 2012!


2) LinkedIn Announcement:

2,000+ of the world’s top marketers will be spending next February in sunny San Diego. Will you be there? Act now to save 20% – Tell them Casey Zeman sent you and for a limited time, get an additional $75 off by telling a friend about OMS 2012!


Hints for Winning

Facebook everyday about the contest and the event and you will probably be the winner. Doing that will win you the most points. (remember the more points, the better you chances of winning)

For us to track what you are doing you have to sign up above or below to get your unique link.

So with that being said, have a great contest and if you should ever have any questions, problems or concerns about the contest don’t hesitate to write to me Casey Zeman@


Good Luck and Thanks For Your Help!


Casey Zeman

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